Data Backup Solutions

Few things are more disastrous for a business than the loss of information or data. In this day and age, your livelihood literally depends on the safety of your computer. If your servers and computers are not 100% safe, you are at risk.

This is where the cloud can help.

The cloud is a great tool for all businesses for a multitude of reasons. However, among these reasons, security benefits are often overlooked. Here, we’ll make sure you understand and are able to take advantage of the cloud’s security protocol.

Secure Data Storage

Think about the cloud like hedging your bets.

When you store data on a server, you are placing a bet. You are betting on that server. But what if something happens to compromise that server?

Microsoft Partner LogoIf you’re in the cloud, the answer is NOTHING. The risk can be eliminated because your data can be stored across multiple servers. It’s also far less likely that these servers would have any issues in the first place because they are actively guarded and monitored by cyber security experts like us. We work, in combination with the folks at Microsoft, to ensure complete dependability for cloud-based services.

Zero Risk

When you back your data up in the cloud, you have minimized your risks more effectively than you ever could have managed on your own. It’s important that you understand that, barring a literal act of God, switching to the cloud will bring your risk down to 0.00%. It literally doesn’t get any better than that.

However, if you’re still skeptical, we can ease you into things.

First, we can do the process of data migration in phases. We can, for example, begin with your emails. Once your emails have been migrated, and you feel comfortable pushing forward, we can move on to the next phase. You’re the boss. You set the pace.

Second, you are not obligated to give up your personal servers. In many cases we’d recommend that you recycle them, but if keeping them gives you peace of mind, that’s fine. We understand that the cloud can feel a bit abstract at first, but we have every confidence that you’ll become a believer as time goes on.

Quick Disaster Recovery

What if your business floods tomorrow? What if it burns down? Hopefully you have insurance, but have you given any thought to what would become of the information that you have stored on your servers? (Hint: it’s gone!)

When it comes to your technology, starting from scratch can be a huge hurdle on your business’s path to recovery. It will likely take weeks to get you back up and running. And your data will likely be gone forever. However, if you’ve stored your data in the cloud, this risk is eliminated. With the cloud, this process (that would otherwise have taken weeks) can be completed in mere hours.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

Do the smart thing. Hedge your risk. Switch to the cloud.

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