Financial Cloud Services

We Understand What You Need

If you work in the financial sector, you have a very specific, and a very critical set of needs from you IT infrastructure. Nobody understands that better than we do at CloudSmartIT.

  • You need to meet compliance standards
  • You need quick up-time
  • You need air-tight security
  • You need ridiculous amounts of storage space
  • And you need to be able to work with these resources quickly and efficiently

We Can Deliver What You Need

At CloudSmartIT, we can have the capability to guarantee that your compliance standards are met, your security protocols are respected, your storage needs are fulfilled, and you have the up-time and bandwidth necessary to operate at the speed you need!

We also offer remote app services which will allow you access important software like QuickBooks from anywhere in the world, even from computers that have not been equipped with these programs. In addition, our cloud services are agile enough to respond quickly to the influx of traffic when it’s time for taxes!

And We Can Do All That At ZERO Risk To You

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of switching to the cloud at first. Well let us reassure you.. When we say “zero risk,” we mean it. There is a 0% chance of your cyber security being compromised in any way.


To put this in financial terms for you, switching to the cloud is like hedging your portfolio. When you are storing your secure data on-site, you are placing a bet that you will be able to keep all of it safe and manage it effectively. The cloud is the more reliable bet for 3 main reasons:

  • It is managed by cyber security experts who know more about how to keep your information safer than you ever could
  • Housing your servers outside of your office is a huge risk reduction because the well-being of your information is no longer tied to the well-being of your physical structure
  • There can be more than one server where your information is stored, and these additional servers can act as backups of your information

Working with us, your information will be secured by Microsoft servers, which are stored in many different locations and protected by some of the best cyber security team in the world. And if you ever decide that you want to transfer from CloudSmartIT to another cloud company, you can do so without any risks.

The switch to the cloud can be gradual

Does your business use multiple servers? Or maybe you’d just like to approach the cloud with caution? Well don’t worry. You are not obligated to make the jump to the cloud all at once. You can start with a simple demo, and then move your business to the cloud in phases. You are additionally welcome to continue to keep a copy of your information on your own servers until such a time that you feel comfortable becoming completely cloud-based.

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