Manufacturing Cloud Services

At CloudSmartIT, we have a wealth of experience working to bridge the gap between the manufacturing world and the cloud. There are many industries that have been making the jump to the cloud, but few types of companies have more to gain than those that work in manufacturing.

Why Is The Cloud Great For Manufacturing?

If you’re in manufacturing, the cloud is especially perfect for you. Most companies working in the manufacturing space are faced with enormous logistical challenges. You might have plants feeding your supply chain from many different locations around the world, and across national borders. Perhaps you’ve worked with a managed service provider in the past, but still struggled to manage your IT effectively. Success often depends on your team being able to control your processes quickly and efficiently. This makes working on the cloud a game-changer!

  • Production Control

    Working with us, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control your production processes across multiple plants and warehouses from anywhere in the world. Our services are compatible with every type of production control software, including Sage. You will furthermore be able to access and utilize these programs from any computer in the world, so long as you have access to the internet.

  • Inventory Control

    The cloud will enable you to monitor and manage your inventory across all of your warehouses, from any location. At CloudSmartIT, we can facilitate use of any inventory control software you might be using, again, including Sage. As was true for production control, you will be able to access and use these programs from anywhere in the world so long as you have internet access.

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

    With success comes a degree of chaos. When there is a large influx of orders, many manufacturing companies struggle with Electronic Data Interchange. Adding multiple locations to the mix only further complicates things! You need to be able to stay organized, manage your shipping, and record and acknowledge both incoming and outgoing shipping. While we at CloudSmartIT are not an EDI provider, we do have the capabilities to put your EDI in the cloud. This will allow you to have the same level of control over your processes from anywhere in the world as you do on-site!

  • Remote App

    Remote Application access is one of our staples here at CloudSmartIT, and while it’s useful feature for companies working in many different sectors, few industries have as much to gain from it as manufacturing. As the name might suggest, Remote App, as a service, allows you to access any of your software programs from any computer, regardless of whether or not that software has been installed on that computer. Furthermore, you will be able to do this from any location in the world, so long as there is internet (which is pretty much everywhere).

CloudSmartIT Goes International

At CloudSmartIT, we have a wealth of experience working with clients in the manufacturing industry, but this extends further than these United State of America. We are no stranger to clients who have geographical and linguistic barriers that must be hurdled. One highlight in our resume is a Japanese auto-manufacturer that we work with. Our work with this client has given us additional experience working on Japanese Windows systems, and coordinating their activities across 3 countries and 2 continents.

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