Veterinary Cloud Services

Veterinarians All Over Nashville Trust CloudSmartIT

There are few areas where the CloudSmart resume runs deeper than the veterinary world! We set up the original IT infrastructure for the largest veterinary clinic in the Middle Tennessee area, and from there, our work with veterinary practices has only expanded. More and more veterinarians are ditching their managed service providers in favor of the cloud!

Your Efficiency Is Our Priority

We understand the challenges involved in running a successful veterinary clinic. Marrying your medical expertise with administrative efficiency can be a real challenge, but we are here to help.

  • AVImark Cloud Integration

    AVIMark allows you to manage your patient logs, price estimates, medical records, dental records, blood work, appointment calendars, and more. But you already know that. What you might not know is how the cloud can make AVImark more secure, more flexible, and more accessible.

  • Remote App

    Our cloud-based services extend far beyond just AVImark. At CloudSmartIT, we offer Remote App as a service so that you can access any of your other software or application-based tools remotely, from any computer.

Now, imagine being able to access these tools remotely, using a computer that hasn’t even been installed with the AVImark software! Or any other software for that matter! And think about those annoying servers in your office that take up space, collect dust, and make you nervous any time somebody steps to close holding a cup of coffee. Imagine those servers being backed up and guarded by an experienced team of cyber security professionals so you never need to worry again!

At CloudSmartIT, that’s what we can do for you.

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